Malaysian airliner downed in Ukraine with 295 aboard


Background of the story can be read here.

Pro-Russian rebels have denied that they shot down the plane, the Ukrainian government too have denied that they have done so. But I am suspecting that the rebels may have involved, due to this incriminating report last month which no doubt implicates them. MH17 was flying over the area.


Mahathir’s ties with US lobbyist Jack Abramoff



Above image is from Karminder Singh Dhillon, “Malaysian Foreign Policy in the Mahathir Era, 1981-2003: Dilemmas of Development” (NUS Press: 2009), p. 247. Mahathir’s ties with Jack Abramoff, a Zionist-Jewish lobbyist in the United States, is an open secret but many media outlets try to obfuscate this fact or simply do not mention this when talking about the past.

Tokoh dan Pahlawan Malaysia



As the Indogs were barking off their heads deriding Malaysia’s so-called “lack” of pre-Independence leaders, by the grace of God I found the image above circulated on the World Wide Web. It does speak a lot for the Indon lack of ability to efficiently use a search engine, but never mind that.

The image above displays a list of several influential politicians and leaders in the pre-independence Malayan period. The list isn’t complete, of course, but since there isn’t a name list that came with it, I will make a list of that here.