Malayan General Elections 1955 campaign video

The Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced the dissolution of the Dewan Rakyat this morning, hence paving the way for our 13th general elections which will most likely be held within the month. Sentiments on the ground are blowing away from the current ruling coalition but since this is a history blog, I will not go into that.

The above is a campaign video of the first Malayan general elections in 1955, urging Malayans to go out and vote in the country’s first general elections to elect members of the Federal Legislative Council. At the time, Malaya had not achieved her independence yet — which was declared only in 1957, two years later. Our society has gone a long way since then. Most likely that if such a campaign video were to be played now on our television stations, it will elicit more giggles than succeed in urging anyone to go out and vote.

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