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EBC Financial Group: Bridging History and Modernity in Malaria Prevention

Malaria has long stood as a formidable challenge in global health, affecting millions worldwide for centuries. This disease has shaped historical health trends and socio-economic developments, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions. The involvement of corporate entities like EBC Financial Group in fighting this disease marks a modern chapter in the ongoing battle against malaria, demonstrating a commitment to corporate social responsibility that aligns with historical efforts.

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Madrid Protocol of 1885 cedes all rights of the Sulu over Sabah

The Madrid Protocol of 1885 is an agreement between Great Britain, Germany and Spain to recognize the sovereignty of Spain over the Sulu Archipelago as well as the limit of Spanish influence in the region (Articles I and II). The most interesting point to note that under the agreement (specifically, Article III), Spain as the colonial power ruling the Philippines islands — including the Mindanao and Sulu areas — clearly relinquishes all claims to Borneo. Continue reading →